Powerglide Tailhousing With Turbo 400 Bushing

Item# PGH2B
Price: $179.00

Product Description:

The Reid Racing, Inc. tailshaft housings are designed to fit both the REID Superglide and the stock GM Powerglide transmissions. 5 times stronger than stock, yet weighs only 4-1/2 pounds

  • Bolt in replacement – length and crossmember mounting flange is exactly the same as stock
  • Double lip seal
  • Relocated vent puts an end to the problem of trans fluid spraying out of breather
  • Completely pre-assembled
  • Includes a hardware kit with everything you need to bolt it on

Special Note: No speedometer cable provision is supplied.

This model is used when the Superglide has a Turbo 400 output shaft. A standard Turbo 400 driveshaft bushing is installed and a stock Turbo 400 type yoke can be used (see yokes section).