Turbo 400 Tailhousing with Roller Bearing – Powerglide Length

Item# SH400HRS
Price: $199.00

Product Description

The Reid Racing Turbo 400 tailhousings are stronger and more rigid than a stock GM tailhousing due to our use of aircraft grade aluminum alloy, thicker walls, and additional gusseting.  Precision machining and perfectly aligned bores minimize power loss while maximizing reliability.  Our reworked oil passage improves lubrication for the yoke and rear bearing.  Fit all stock GM Turbo 400 transmission cases as well as Reid Racing’s Super Hydra 400 transmission case.

This is a shorter version of our standard-length SH400HR tailhousing intended for use when upgrading from a Powerglide to a Turbo 400 and retaining your driveshaft.  This tailhousing makes a Turbo 400 the same length as a Powerglide.