Item# PGP1
Price: $499.00

Product Description:

This is not a rebuild or just a partial replacement – it’s 100% brand new and complete! The PGP1 has been designed from scratch to strengthen and update the Powerglide pump for your racing applications.

  • Larger pump gears for more volume and pressure at low RPM.

  • Extra volume to prevent rocking or backing up when transbrake is applied

  • Stiffer castings with ribs to prevent flexing and pressure loss at high line pressure

  • High strength cast iron for maximum rigidity and minimum distortion at high temperatures

  • Custom, high strength stator support shaft to handle high horse power

  • Extra clamping bolts (7 total) to hold pump halves together at high pressure

  • Redesigned oil pathways to increase flow to converter and cooler

  • High clutch drum bushing pressure feed

  • Factory machined for roller thrust bearing