Item# BH860
Price: $399

Product Description:

Small Block Mopar bellhousing for the Reid Racing 2 piece Super 80® transmission case fits 318, 340, and 360A series engines and Gen III Hemi's. The bellhousing is standard GM length and accepts the standard OEM size lock-up torque converter for a transmission swap without any adapter plates needed. With the proper spacing, a non lock-up converter can be used if desired. Cast from high strength aluminum heat treated for additional toughness, the bellhousing passes the stringent SFI 30.1 certification* and is approved with no external shields required. The bell weighs 15.0 pounds and features an open bottom for easy converter access, a reduced diameter for better floorboard clearance and a contoured mounting flange to properly match the rear of the engine, Designed for use with 130 tooth flexplate. Dual starter pockets allow use of driver's side SB starter or passenger side GEN III HEMI starters. Starters are in the stock location. This works great for swapping Gen III Hemi's into 60's and 70's muscle cars. Also works freat for putting a rugged transmission into a modern muscle car. 


Note: This Bellhousing does not fit the Reid Racing PG2000 or SH400 transmission cases or OEM cases.



*Recertification of your case:

Your Reid Racing tranny case must be recertified every 5 years. For a nominal fee, we will inspect it and issue new SFI numbers if it passes inspection. Send the clean, degreased, empty case to Reid Racing, Inc., 4030 Pike Lane, Concord, CA 94520. Include a note with your name, address, and phone numbers.